Embrace the Desert: 5 Reasons You’ll Love Living in the Phoenix Area

A view of the Sonoran Desert with mountains in the backdrop.

Thinking about moving to the Phoenix area? Great choice! Phoenix isn’t just another city; it’s a vibrant, sun-soaked bustling hub for young professionals, a playground for the outdoorsy, and a warm, welcoming place for families. Here are five reasons why settling in Phoenix, especially in the stylish communities built by Scott Communities, is a decision you’ll thank yourself for making.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Living in the Phoenix Area

  1. Endless Sunshine and Outdoor Fun

Firstly, the weather here is a dream come true–imagine over 300 days of sunshine a year! This means you have plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures, and even more opportunities to wake up and simply feel good because the sky is blue outside.

While getting out in nature in the middle of the day in the heat of summer here isn’t for the faint of heart or unprepared, spring and fall are beautiful, and you can of course layer-up and get out all winter, too.

Close to our Peoria communities (The Views and The Retreat at Rancho Cabrillo), you have Lake Pleasant Regional Park. It’s perfect for a day of boating or a serene hike. And if you’re near Arroyo Grande in Casa Grande, don’t miss out on the stunning trails and views at Picacho Peak State Park. Whether you’re into water sports, hiking, or simply watching one of our spectacular sunsets, Phoenix has you covered.

2. A Booming Job Market

Phoenix is buzzing with job opportunities, especially in growing fields like tech, healthcare, and finance. By choosing to live in one of Scott Communities’ neighborhoods, you strike a perfect balance between having a peaceful home life and being close enough to pursue career ambitions without the dreaded long commute. It’s the best of both worlds—grow your career by day and enjoy serene suburban evenings.

3. A Melting Pot of Cultures

Phoenix’s cultural scene is as hot as its climate! There’s always something happening, from art shows and live music to food festivals that let you taste the world. You can check out cool exhibits at the Phoenix Art Museum or dive into Native American history at the Heard Museum. Plus, with events like the Arizona International Film Festival, and enough food festivals to give your waistline some trouble, you’re never far from a cultural feast.

4. Ideal for Families

The neighborhoods we build are perfect for families as well as young professionals. Think top-notch schools, plenty of parks, and community centers that host fun events all year round. Our Scott Communities are designed to be more than just places to live—they’re places to connect, play, and grow. With community amenities like green spaces, playgrounds, and homes with large patios for outdoor living, they’re bursting with ways to make the most of your family time.

5. Everything You Need and Want on Your Doorstep

Phoenix offers an unbeatable mix of urban conveniences and breathtaking nature. Near our communities, you can enjoy shopping at the Arrowhead Towne Center, or if you’re feeling sporty, catch a game at the State Farm Stadium, both easily accessible from Peoria. For a closer touch of nature, the Desert Botanical Garden showcases the stunning beauty of desert flora and is a calming escape from the hustle and bustle.

Plus, with Phoenix’s well-planned roads, getting to these places is a breeze. And when the weekend hits, the whole family can head out for a quick trip to nearby attractions, such as the Arizona Science Center, Hall of Flame (firefighter museum), and the Phoenix Zoo. It’s truly a place where you can have it all—culture, convenience, nature, and a whole lot of fun.

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